Our Services

Impressing tassos white and mint marble custom made mosaic floorWOW Group Organization Inc. is a construction firm created for satisfaction and is based on the trust of hundreds of clients of Wojciech and WOW Tile Installation Inc. Our name is changing because we are changing. Our firm is experiencing rapid growth and expanding to accommodate the needs and expectations of our clients and their families. We feel the new name is the expression of the changes we are going through.
WOW Group Organization Inc. brings to our clients’ doorsteps a passion and dedication that gives them the freedom to be a vital part of every stage of each project no matter the size or type.
Passion and love of the profession has allowed Wojciech to assemble a group of the highest quality professionals whose years of experience are the reason we can get the job done in the fastest, most economic way possible, with a comfort and ease our clients can appreciate.
Our crew has been with us from the beginning and is part of our work family.
Thanks to that, our clients can still feel like they are home even in the middle of the biggest project. We do our best to get them through it all as painlessly as possible.
We partner with architects and interior designers to help us implement and realize all your ideas.
No matter how big or small your needs and dreams, we can make them happen.